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It is very important that if you are selling a service or trying to attract a certain niche of people that you either buy targeted YouTube views or at the very least, start looking at ways you can get them through your own marketing methods. There is no point in uploading a video in the hopes of reaching an American market but receiving views from Russia, Spain and other countries that will not benefit your service. We provide people the opportunity to buy targeted YouTube views to not only build upon their credible profile but also get their moneys worth. Do not fall into the trap of just buying normal views and hoping that you will see results, you need to be hitting your target market which you can do when you buy targeted YouTube views.


If you are looking to purchase targeted YouTube views from the country you decide then you have come to the right place. When you purchase targeted YouTube views, you will notice a bigger increase in the amount of likes, comments, subscribers and shares you receive as you are hitting people who are generally interested within your video and it’s content. We will of course show you different ways you can get views from a targeted area and then you can apply that in your spare time. The reason most people purchase targeted YouTube views from our company is down to the simple fact that they do not have the time or marketing experience to be able to consistently gain a targeted area.

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Targeted YouTube views are for everyone. You could be a musician who is looking to target a certain area that you are next playing at. You might be a business who only sells in a certain country. These are the most common reasons why people decide to buy targeted YouTube views. If you are a company who sells a certain product in America but then your views are coming from a third world country then you are not going to see the positive results you are expecting. Targeted views have such a great impact on when it comes to converting sales and building a credible ranking within YouTube’s search engine. Make the right choice today and start reaching out to people who you are trying to attract.


The thing with our website that you will notice in which is very different from others is the fact that we can provide views from ANY COUNTRY in the world. You will notice that companies will only provide American and UK views where as we can have the views come from the country of your choice. All you need to do is choose the amount of views you would like to have and click the buy button, you will be directed to another page where you put your video link and then simply type in the country you would like the views to come from. It really is as simple as that when you buy targeted views from Vihatrading. If you have any questions please be sure to contact our customer support team. We can not do certain cities, they are country targeted views only.


This is where you get a two in one for the same price because our targeted YouTube views are also set as high retention. In case your not one hundred percent what a ” high retention view ” is, it is when someone watches your video at least seventy per cent of the way through. This will help you move up within YouTube’s search engine. This is one of the reasons why our targeted views service is very popular compared to normal views but they do both have their benefits. Spending that extra change to reach a targeted audience on YouTube as well as ensure that they are watching your video most of the way through is surely worth it.


Yes. The reason why we have put this simple but very important text is due to the vast amount of re sellers asking us whether they can buy views from a country they are not in. As long as your video is made public we can put views from any country in the word. For example if you want to buy American YouTube views because that is where you are trying to reach out to but you are based in Italy then of course you can buy views from that country. Please be sure to speak with us regarding any questions, we are available around the clock through our online customer support team but you can also email us.


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