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Do 125 Google Map Citations for Local SEO


What is Benefit of this gig?

    Increase Social Buzz in Local Area

    NAP from Gooogle Maps

    Huge Social Signals

    Best for Local and Maps rankings

To get ranked on Google Maps/Pack3 there are few things which are essential. I have created this gig to cover lots of those things. I have explained everything below.

Pay with Perfect Money:  U14538128

We are also accepted Perfect Money,Litecoin - BitcoinCash - Etherium - Dash and Ripples as a payment. 



    Google Maps Citations = $125, These are the citations which are created when various Google Users save your business details. Scroll down to FAQ for more information below.


    Google Maps Citations = $300
    Local IP = Yes
    Directory Submissions = 30
    Bookmarks with NAP = 30


    Google Maps Citations = 400
    Local IP = Yes
    Directory Submissions = 35
    Bookmarks with NAP = 35
    Keyword Research = Yes,  Scroll down to FAQ for more
    Competitor Analysis  = Yes,  Scroll down to FAQ for more
    Previous Citations Check  = Yes,  Scroll down to FAQ for more
    OnPage SEO Report  = Yes,  Scroll down to FAQ for more 


Is it for ALL countries?

Yes! But we do have limitation of doing Directory Submissions for US, Canada and Australia only. All other tasks can be done for any location of world.

What are Google Maps Citations?

These are the citations which are created when various Google Users save your business details. It works like underlining a line in a page. We underline the important thing. Similarly Google consider that your Business is important that's why people are saving it. Hence you get CITATION!

What do you mean by Local IP used?

When we do all the work, we will use your areas local IP. This makes all work natural. For example, if you business is in Ney York, then it's better if all work is done from New York location. So, Local IPs are used for ALL Plans!

Do you submit to a particular Directory site?

Well, we work on tight budget so we have our own list of sites. All are good! But still if you have custom list please discuss via Inbox. I will try to help you at my best!

What is Bookmarking with NAP?

Bookmarks is the best way for SEO and traffic. So, we will submit your site to various bookmarking site and use your Business NAP in it's description. It helps to get good backlinks + Citations! As per my experience, it's very good!

What you do in Keyword Research?

I will do in-depth keyword research as per your business niche and location. You will get report.

What is done in Competitors analysis?

If someone ranks above you, it means he has done something better than you. So, I will analyze you top 1 competitor and will tell some points in a report which you may do to make your Marketing efforts better than competitor.

What is Previous Citations Check?

Well, most of businesses do not get good rankings as they have inconsistent NAP everywhere on internet. So, you will get a report with all citations - consistent and inconsistent. You can now get all inconsistent citations rectified or removed. Once you get report, you may ask me for quote.

What is included in ONPAGE SEO REPORT?

It lists down your website current status and all the things which can be improved. If you can have good OnPage SEO, rankings are near my friend!


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