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Drip feed 10,000 views per day for 7 day (Total: 70,000 views)      $84
Drip feed 20,000 views per day for 7 day (Total: 140,000 views)    $168
Drip feed 50,000 views per day for 7 day (Total: 350,000 views)    $420
Drip feed 100,000 views per day for 7 day (Total: 700,000 views)  $840

What does ‘Dripfeed’ mean?

With Dripfeed views, your videos will not gain the order amount immediately, but instead, it will gain an amount of views every day until the order amount is reached. Perfect for starting Youtube channels.

How long does it take to see results on my video?

Depending on the service you have paid for, you can expect to see noticeable improvements only a few hours after the process has started. However, YouTube can suspend the live counter (301+) which means it could take an extra 24 hours.

Could this service compromise my channel or video?

Absolutely not. We issue a guarantee with every purchase that your channel won’t be suspended because of boosting your views.

Can Adsense remain enabled when purchasing views?

Great question. You can keep AdSense enabled, but you won’t generate revenue from it through our viewers.

Where are the viewers located?

Your viewers will come from all over the globe. We don’t target countries because we aim to get your video ranked internationally rather than regionally.

Can these views be monetized with Adsense?

The views don’t engage with any video ads so you won’t be able to monetize from them, but AdSense can safely remain enabled.


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